A new way to express yourself through scent

Create your own custom fragrance online

We’ve redesigned the experience around fragrance discovery. Then we were asking ourselves what’s next. New, out-of-this-world scents? And we realized it’s time to explore the possibility of creating YOUR VERY OWN PERFUME ONLINE – your unique personal signature. The ultimate fragrance that is truly yours.

And so, the Whiff Lab was born out of the desire to give you the opportunity to create your very own customized perfume or cologne online.

How do I create my fragrance?

tell us what you love, reveal your scent personality

Fill out a quick survey to tell us what aromas you love, what inspires you.


professionally blended

Our fragrance artists will analyze your preferences and create a custom fragrance according to your wishes and personality.


Choose the one you love

You’ll receive five variations of your fragrance so you can select the one that perfectly suits you.


personalized at every level

You get to name your scent and custom design the label: write your name or use your own artwork, logo or picture.


Ready to define yourself through scent?

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When can I get started?

The WHIFF Lab is currently in an invitation-only beta and we’re inviting new whiffers every week. Sign up to get access the WHIFF Lab before it’s available to the public. You’ll also get insider first looks at behind-the-scenes action, latest updates, and more.