Scent Sequencing

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You’re unique. Fragrance is part of your identity, it should represent your individual preferences and personality. Whiff’s Scent Sequencing is an online fragrance discovery service that provides distinctly particular perfumes tailored to your individual tastes and wants. It helps you find that special something that you look forward to wearing each and every day.

A breakthrough approach all around

We completely reimagined how perfumes should be explored and chosen. Because one size - or style - fits no one. And we know you’ll be able to smell the difference.

It’s all about the fit

Fragrance is part of your identity. So it should perfectly fit you: your personality, your feelings, your body chemistry. You should not have to follow consumer trends or buy one just because it smells great on your friend. It might not smell great on you.

So our goal is to find the fragrance that perfectly fits YOU!

Redesigned experience with a purpose: convenience and conscious choices.

Scent Sequencing was designed so you can try on fragrances in the comfort of your home. Or at work, or on a date, or wherever your day-to-day takes you. It’s all about wearing them and see how they make you FEEL. We want you to have total freedom to experience them and make CONSCIOUS DECISIONS, without compromises. And without breaking the bank.

Good news: you can do exactly that, and you can start right here.

The absolute fragrance authority

With access to virtually all of the world’s perfumes, it’s like having your very own perfume expert who learns what you like, and brings you fragrances you love.

This is how it works. It’s easier than easy.

Three steps. All from home. No trip to store. No sniffing paper strips. No rush. All you need to do is enjoy and have fun.

1delivered to your doorstep

You’ll receive your personalized monthly whiff pack which contains 5 perfumes (we call them whiffs), 3 applications each. Each whiff is individually packaged, delivering one perfume application, safely sealed in a packet.

2try on and check the fit

Apply the whiffs to the pulse points of your body. Let them breathe on your skin, give them time to evolve. Go on with your day. You’ll pick up new elements as the scent transforms over the next hours. Then you’ll know if it’s a match.

3get more of what you love

Rate the perfumes you’ve tried on, tell us what you liked - and what you didn't - which will help us refine your preferences. And, with the next whiff pack, we’ll surprise you with new, handpicked whiffs that we think you’ll love.

Inside your personalized delivery

Your Whiff Pack contains 5 different perfumes, 3 applications each. A total of 15 whiffs. A mix of carefully curated designer, artisanal and niche perfumes.

see what you get

Your perfumes come in individual, one-time application packets. Each packet contains a towelette with .5 ml perfume. Apply to your pulse points see how it stirs you.

5 reasons you’ll LOVE Scent Sequencing

convenient and fun. Skip the shopping, the pushy sales people, the sniffing paper strips. Let perfumes come to you and enjoy.

CUSTOM TAILORED. Each perfume is being selected according to your preferences, to give you a taste of something special.

quality & selection. We have an unimaginable range of top-quality, 100% authentic designer, artisanal and niche perfumes. No imitations.

flexibility - no strings attached. You may skip or cancel a delivery at any time. No minimum subscription period.

low cost. Don’t pay big money for full sized bottles. Try on perfumes first for much less. Shipping is always free.

Scent journeys. Unique matches.

Watch people’s scent journeys

Find the fragrance that’s perfect for you

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$24.95 / month $19.95 / month

  • 5 PERFUMES x 3 uses each = 15 WHIFFS PER MONTH
  • *after 6 sequences you get a FREE 50 ML BOTTLE OF A whiff CUSTOM PERFUME OF YOUR CHOOSING