A captivating, clean scent, perfect for everyday wear.


Paul Tran



Buy if you like light, subtle, but seductive fragrances.

Fragrance Details

  • Category: fresh citrus
  • Style: resplendent, captivating, magnetic, masculine

A fresh, citrus fragrance that opens with lime, bergamot, and melon, followed by fresh florals and spice, and anchored with notes of sandalwood and musk.

  • Top Notes: Lime, Bergamot, Melon
  • Heart Notes: Bois de Rose, Muguet, Spice
  • Bottom Notes: Sandalwood, Musk, Moss

created by

Paul Tran, author

Work is my hobby and also my drive. It consumes most of my time, but I enjoy every minute.
If I could visit anywhere at the moment, I would like to visit Maldives.
I love experiencing new food, but if I had to pick one thing to eat I would chose Canh Chua Ca, a Vietnamese sweet and sour soup.
The fragrance I set out to make is meant to describe someone masculinely unique.

Paul Tran Pursuit

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