A delicious, sweet fragrance, perfect for a romantic winter or autumn night.


Marie Roberts



Buy if you like light, subtle, but seductive fragrances.

Fragrance Details

  • Category: gourmand fruit/citrus
  • Style: tempting, golden, sugary, sweet

Fruity, sweet fragrance that opens with apple, melon, and citrus, followed by sugary goodness and light florals anchored with notes of vanilla and sweet musk.

  • Top Notes: Apple, Melon, Citrus
  • Heart Notes: Jasmine, Sugar, Caramel
  • Bottom Notes: Vanilla, Musk

created by

Marie Roberts, author

I’m a full time grandmother to six nieces and one nephew, and now a niche perfumer with a foot firmly planted in the door of the perfume world. I was in my living room, working on an art project when my son came into the room discussing perfume formulas with a wonderful perfumer who works for Whiff. We got to talking and sharing ideas and just by chance, I suggested a few scents that, to me, seemed like a new and unusual combination that I would love to have for myself, if only it were real. The perfumer working for Whiff was intrigued by the idea and mixed the fragrances into a formula while conversing with us. Over the next hour and half, I had somehow, with her assistance, created a perfume. It was more exciting than I had expected to be a part of that process. I really liked doing that, creating something new that nobody had ever done before.

Marie Roberts Nektar

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