An irresistible, smooth everyday, anytime, anyone scent.


Lolo Holmes



Buy if you like light, subtle, but seductive fragrances.

Fragrance Details

  • Category: oriental
  • Style: smooth, exotic, diffusive, irresistible

Designed for men and women, this unusual blend of herbs and berries with a hint of citrus decorates a spicy, floral heart, while anchored with notes of chocolate, amber, vanilla, and musk.

  • Top Notes: Citrus, Red Berries, Lavender
  • Heart Notes: Spice, Jasmine, Orris
  • Bottom Notes: Amber, Chocolate, Vanilla, Musk

created by

Lolo Holmes, author

I’m a student who loves art. My favorite pastime is sleeping next to the fireplace with my dawgs. I’m the person that all my friends go to with their problems so that I will offer up advice… which scarily enough, they actually listen to. Yet, the show Walking Dead makes me emotional. Creating Forbidden was a secret indulgence that I created that represents the field of study I intend to enter into… human intelligence.

Lolo Holmes Forbidden

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