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Lia Hunter



Buy if you like light, subtle, but seductive fragrances.

Fragrance Details

  • Category: floral
  • Style: classic, narcotic, powerful, sophisticated

Rich, classical floral fragrance that opens with clean, powdery notes with jasmine, lily of the valley, and iris at the heart, followed by rose, spice, vanilla, and blonde woods.

  • Top Notes: Aldehydes, Powder
  • Heart Notes: Iris, Jasmine, Muguet, Rose
  • Bottom Notes: Amber, Vanilla, Spice, Wood

created by

Lia Hunter, author

I'm a lover of all things vintage, yet classic. From the way I dress down to the way I decorate my house. One of my favorite classic decor pieces is a 1960's Chanel No 5 bottle I found at a yard sale years ago. Although empty, it still has that amazing classic scent that every now and again, I find myself sniffing just so as to uplift my mood. I designed Lia in honor of the classics that I so dearly cherish.

Lia Hunter Lia

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