Dominant, intense, daring fragrance, to be worn on special occasions, date nights, social events.


Jaxon Dane



Buy if you like light, subtle, but seductive fragrances.

Fragrance Details

  • Category: dry woods
  • Style: daring, audacious, venturesome, brazen

Tobacco and leather best describe this fragrance with copious amounts of spice, wood, musk, and a hint of sweet citrus.

  • Top Notes: Mandarin, Citrus, Herb
  • Heart Notes: Neroli, Tobacco, Spice
  • Bottom Notes: Leather, Musk, Cedar

created by

Jaxon Dane, author

I believe that the things we love are what make us all unique. For me, I love to read, sing, spending time outdoors, listening to music, and hanging out with friends and people I care about. I haven’t been to very many places in the world to be honest, but that doesn’t mean I consider my life any less rich of fulfilling. Just give me an ice-cream and inject me into a circle of friends and I’m home. I chose Dominance as the title of my fragrance because I’ve learned that in order to take control of your happiness, you have to first love yourself.

Jaxon Dane Dominance

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