Sasha Kane

I'm a desk jockey by day and a collector of antique wardrobes any other time. This happens to be, according to some of my friends, the bane of my existence. No one can quite explain to me why I get excited and nearly drool when I discover these old pieces of furniture at estate sales, antique shops and even flea markets. To date, I still own over twenty. I know it started when I was a kid and my dad gave me this cool old metal key that he told me opened a magic portal to an enchanted land. Ever since, I've been sticking that key in every wardrobe lock in a quest to discover the land of Narnia. I named my fragrance Impulsive because just about every impulsive purchase I make is on an old antique wardrobe that still holds on to the scent of the past which is penetrated deep within the wooden grain. Maybe... just maybe... one of these days, I'll find the keyhole that fits my magical key.