Etta Perry

Being a mother has always been my greatest achievement in life, but being a grandmother, I feel, was my reward in doing something right. When I was younger, perfume was considered a luxury that most people couldn't afford. However, my father was able to save up each year enough money to get my mother one small bottle of perfume. She would dab a tiny amount on her wrists every morning and by the end of the night, she smelled of soft powder just before kissing me goodnight. Today, that perfume is no longer sold and I've tried countless times to find a fragrance that smelled just as beautiful on me as it did her.
Sealed With A Kiss is my first attempt in creating something unique and beautiful that reminds me of the sweetness of my mother when she wore her perfume and the slight boozy smell of my father when he grilled the fish we caught together. Although my memories are old, they are still most precious to me.