Explore Individually Curated Perfumes From Home

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WHIFF finds the perfect perfumes for you. We call it Scent Sequencing.

How it Works

Delivered to your home

Each month you’ll get 5 perfumes: designer, artisanal or custom.

Rate the fragrances

Try them on, then rate them with a simple thumbs up or down.

Get new scents tailored to you

Based on your feedback, we’ll select 5 new scents for you to explore.

peek inside your sequence

Each Sequence includes A mix of designer, artisanal and niche perfumes.

unique delivery mechanism

Your perfumes come in individual application packets. Designed to try without having to commit to a full-size bottle.

Start Exploringnew fragrances

Scent Sequencing



LIMITED TIME OFFERGet 2 FREE GIFTS when you subscribe
A Perfume Bottle Every 3 Months

A FREE bottle of any WHIFF custom perfume every 3 sequences!

$10 Sephora e-gift card

A $10 Sephora e-gift card instantly delivered when you try!

WHY you’ll love WHIFF

custom selected

Each perfume is being custom selected for you according to your preferences.

Incredible selection

We have an unimaginable range of top-quality, 100% authentic perfumes. No imitations.

convenient and fun

Skip the trip to the store, the pushy sales people, the sniffing paper strips. Let perfumes come to you and enjoy.

no strings attached

You may cancel your plan at any time. No minimum subscription period.

Wallet friendly

Save hundreds by trying on perfumes before committing to full-size bottles.

“Leveraging artificial intelligence to curate perfume catered to an individual’s unique preferences is a game changer!”

Beverly Mason, Entrepreneur

you deserve this

Discover an array of fragrances that enhance your daily life as you welcome a new sequence each month.



FAQ icon

Of course! You can cancel anytime, with no questions asked. And that’s a promise!

Sequences are usually shipped to you on the same date of the day that you signed up. For example, if you signed up for your WHIFF Discovery Plan on January 14, 2018 your WHIFF Pack will ship out on the 14th of each subsequent month.

Um, yeah! If you don’t like a certain Sequence, just send it back, and we’ll send you a different one. Easy peasy!